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hi, i'm luke, also known as keenpianosummer. although i was born in long island, new york, i've lived in florida for the past 9 years. but when i came up to live here last year, i noticed that pretty much no one besides me was into any decent music. sure, there were kids into classic rock, and old punk, and there were kids who've heard of the shins from watching 'garden state', but it still felt like something was missing. to this day, although i have friends, i still don't know anyone who's into indie rock music. i know there must be people out there, though. maybe it's my town that's just crap. earlier today, i searched up long island under interests on this site, and found nothing that suggested a long island independent music appreciation group (at least not from what the titles suggested), so i decided to create my own, and hope that others who would be interested would join. so, feel free to do that.
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